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Interior Text design

I am a professional digital typesetter with years of experience creating layouts for published works including novels, short stories, poetry chapbooks and more. 

I am excited to work with independent and digital authors to produce professional quality text layouts that have the same dignity and polish look as traditionally published material.


Cover Design

I am a professional cover designer, previously employed as the cover designer for a small press, who has created cover designs and illustrations for many professional independent authors. 

I am excited to work with you to make your book stand out at first glance, whether it will be displayed on a physical shelf or a digital bookstore.

Along with design services I also offer special rates for clients who are interested in commissioning custom illustration work for their book cover.


Logo & Advertising Design

I create appealing, bold designs to advertise your product in whatever way you desire. I have experience in creating advertisements for both print and web display in any size, and can help you stand out when you advertise your product no matter what it is.