Blackheart Biohazards Blog: [ongoing] | Our ongoing blog posts, largely about fandom, writing and media. [ongoing]  | A website dedicated to information on the phenomena of Fictionkin, active since 2006.

Fanfiction Archive:  [ongoing]  | An archive of our works of fanfiction in many different fandoms. Many projects are complete, full length works.

Bar Sinister: [ongoing] | A quarterly zine based on freedom of artistic expression, dark fiction, pain and romanticism.

Silent Hill: Promise:  [completed] | An interactive fancomic based on Silent Hill 2. Complete with multiple endings.

Bunny and Raffles in: The Ides of March:  [completed] |  A visual novel adaptation of the classic Victorian crime story.

Notable Fanfictions:  [completed] | Some of our notable completed fanfictions.