Today sucks so bad. To think, I actually had the chance to stay home from school and didn’t take it? Why oh why did I ever think this morning ‘It’s my senior field day, they last field day I can ever attend’ why the hell did that make me want to go?

And now this effing computer is saying the disk with my new art on it isn’t formatted.

And people are stupid. You trust somebody, and then they hate you for it? What’s wrong with people. Just becasue I believe you makes me stupid or something? And then they get angry about it.

Why I ask you, why?

And to top it all off, I keep managing to make my mom angry. It’s not like I’m trying to annoy her, it just happened.

I mean, it’s not like I spent an hour and a half in the conselor’s office yesterday having a mental breakdown, nooooo. Of course not.

Of course, everybody has a right to be angry at me.

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