I want to die beautifully

The FFL calls, but for the moment I am tuning it out.

This is because I have other oh so important things to do, like maintaining my website, the first Xiaolin Showdown site on the net, writing Agents: the Series, and passing my midterms.

Maybe one I pass my midterms I will join the FFL.

Seriously though, sometimes I’m very concerned. Sometimes I don’t care at all.

I have math with Kristen next. God, that class makes me want either commit violence or burst out laughing. Or both. It’s such a joke. I mean, I think I’m going to write a play about the damn thing. It just makes me sick.

I watched some of my uncut Sailor Moon last night. I got it for x-mas, but I still haven’t finished watching it. i just saw the episode where Zoisite died. Thate’s where the title of this entry is from. It was sooooo sad, I cried as much as I did the first time I saw Nephrite die!! Zoisite, he said he was happy because he got to die in Kunzite’s arms. Kunzite held him, and Zoisite asked if he’d grant him one last wish ‘I want to die beautifully’, he said. And Kunzite conjuered this illusion of a beautiful field of flowers around them, and then Zoisite tells Kunzite he loved him, and then dies and his body disapears. I CRIED!! I BAWLED! It was horrible! Zoi is one of my fav characters! *sniffle* It made me so mad that DiC made him a girl in the english version, just because he’s gay…

But anyway, I have to do this poster tonight for Religions of the World, but I think we’re going to have a snow-day anyway.
I really hope we do, in fact, despite the fact that it’s our last day of classes before midterms, and we just had a five day weekend because of snow days.

I only realized this year how much I hate school. It sucks big noodles. Big ones. Noodles.

I’m going to Janelle’s b-day party on sunday, at the movie theatre. She used to go to my school but she got kicked out because she was in love with this teacher…

My theology teacher.

Anyway, we’re going to see the Buterfly Effect, in which Ashton Kutcher tries to grow a gotee and fails messily.It should be fun, I like Janelle a lot, even though I don’t see her much.

And there’ll be free pizza.

Janelle is the only person I know who eats as much as I do, so that’s really awesome. Except she NEVER gains a pound!! That darn Shaggy metabolism!

And neither of us like whipped cream.

So… yeah. I ‘m on my lunch/study hall right now and it’s about to end. I have another one after math with Kristen. A study hall with Kristen. …both, with Kristen

We will probably discuss the FFL again today. 😀

Sailor Moon
Tsukino Usagi – You’re a bit flighty, but you’re
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