The fanboy stalker what stalks the fanboys…

So I’m now stalking this fanboy writer I’ve been in love with since 2000. I found his home phone number and adress. It’s really cool, I’m gonna go on a road trip and stake out his house.

In other news, I wrote all over my hand in math class, the lyrics to Imaginary, by Evanescence. It’s my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite sooong.

I accidently ate a hamburger a few days ago. Actually that’s old news but I wanted an excuse to mention that my parents aren’t letting us eat beef in my house. They’re scared of mad cow. But apperantly it means we saved money on groceries, so I get more sonic comics. Which is good because I need a bunch of back issues that I missed when I was being stubborn.


I wrote some more of JTK last night, but not a whole chapter.

I am very tired.
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