Spool…tronk, mathis!

Vacation suckies/is boring. I am glad it’s over.

I went to the bicycle museum in Buffalo with my family on valentines day. That has to be the worst valentines day since first grade, when nobody put any valentines in my box.\\

Gríma W: The Owner’s Guide and Maintenance Manual by Sliven
All you ever needed (but perhaps didn’t wanted) to know about GRÍMA WORMTONGUE! Operation, FAQ… This Guide has been said to be more reliable than a Palantír!
PG-13 – English – Humor – Chapters: 1 – Words: 1591 – Reviews: 13 – Updated: 2-16-04 – Published: 2-16-04

That is a very funny story at fanfiction.net that I read during math. If you are weird me and like Grima Wormtongue, por are sorta normal and just like LOTR you should read it.

Here’s the address. http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1734770

Gamefaqs is sponky. I lost 7 days of karma while I was gone. It makes me sad.

Anger fills me of the broken disk whcih display my drawing will not!!

My brother is sick with a fever. Oh the poor boy.

I played with rpgtoolkit all week and stayed up until two am programing my own digital madlibs and playing with them. I am an easily amused insomiac.

Having to read Beloved by Toni Morrison for AP english, almost makes me wish I was in the stupid class. Alas. It is not to be.


Did you know I dislaike monkies? Especially those with cymbals.

All my data on Link to the Past got erased. Stupid SNES cartridge. So then I started playing FF9 again. Yaya.

I like Vivi. But I like Kuji better.

I watched Trasure Planet, finally, over break, and Shrek. I liked them both. I lurve animation.

I like the 18th century too. In a past life I was an 18th century Englsih lord-poet of french desent named Guillaume De Lac Demivoix.

Here is the results of a quiz I took. *hugs Grima* Grima/Eowymn forevah!!

His tender side!
You know that under the tough facade, Grima is
really a wonderful and loving person. No one
who has seen the tear scene could deny this.

What delightful aspect of Grima appeals to you most?
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