I am official afraid

Doing a search on casper for my upcoming (spur of the moment) webpage, I find this, quite near the top of all of the results. It is an uberconservative-christan rant on the movie! It’s so scary! It talks about the movie as if it would warp a chailds mind to be OK with demons and even befriend them! You have to read it!


How ridiculous is…well, aside from the fact that watching things like Casper, Beetlejuice (cartoon), High Spirits (movie), Buffy the Vampire slayer (show) etcetera at an early age may cause you child to become morbid, gothic, obsessed with death, have bad taste in men, like spikes, wear a lot of make-up and become generally a lot like Mordax, there’s absolutely nothing wrong!

And anyway, who says being me is such a bad thing anyway?

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