So much for sanity

It’s offical, I’m about as mentally stable as a weasle in goth spikes with a eggbeater.

Anyway, yeah, so creepy obsessions. Not only is it dumb, but I’m the ENTIRE fandom! No one else! Ah well, you know what they say, if you build it, they will come. And hey, if they don’t I can sink into my own private little madness.

I hate my math teacher, she’s making us turn in our notes and grading them! That’s stupid! I’m going to boycott with Kristen. I figured it out, anyway, I’ll still graduate even if I get like a forty in the next two marking periods. Not that my parents would be particularly happy.

I slobbered all over Bridget’s pencil in PIG class, becuase she stuck mine up her nose. Ew…

I’m going to be in school until effing 6:30!! tonight! I better remember to get a book outta the library. Or maybe I’ll actually get some more of my new fanfiction (the casper one) written. I HAVE the first chapter done, it’s just not typed. I think I’m going to call it “The Girl” or maybe not. I don’t know.

Adair is such a good artist, I wish I could draw like her. Go see her art.

*yawn* It’s such a good thing I didn’t spend my money on icecream this morning, so I won’t starve after school.

Why, why do I have these weird obsessions? My brother found out about the new one ast night, and chased me around the house screaming that I was morbid and obsessed with death. It was not fun. The way I see it though, it’s not any worse than Toad from x-men evo, whom I also like. Are we seeing a pattern here? God, my fractured psyche. Its a good thing that a) I have no sense of smell, and b) they’re not real anyway. I sooo hope my taste in characters does not translate intto the real world. God, that would be…something. Maybe ‘bad’ is the word I’m looking for.

Well, lunch is over, not that I ate, and so I better go to class. Yay. I have ad design. I hate that class, the teaher and the projects she gives us. I hope she is dangled over a pit of scorpians while on fire. yay.

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