On the suckitude of humanity and the world in general

Who thinks they have a right to be mad a Mordax for being sick and taking two days off school? Come on now, raise your hand…

I don’t get it, is sickness a cardinal sin?

Now my so-called best friend is not talking to me because I missed two days of school.

Does she care that I felt like crap? That I still feel like crap? No. She just cares about the stupid half-assed school project that apperntly we were supposed to be working on those two days but did she call me about it? Did ANYONE in the group call me about it?


That is, not until 5 minutes before 10 last night, to tell me that I had to bring in plates in a voice that could have killed a flower child. And it wasn’t even her! It was ANOTHER friend. Cresus Jhrist the whole thing makes me so angry!

I’m supposed to be responsible for myself huh? WEll news flash! Group project!! If you are worried about your grade either dont work with the girl who barely turned in a scrap of homework of her onw free will last year, or fucking call her and chew her out for being sick!!! Don’t wait till the last minute and say oh hey, buy paper plates or end up burried in my backyard!!!

As if I wasn’t having a bad enough anxiety evening anyway.

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