Well that’s new…

So, I woke up yesterday and my lower left eyelid was all puffy, and it hurt to blink. I woke up today and it was puffier. Went to the nurse, and violin! The nurse said it was probably a sty. Ms. Bielat agreed, and said a newphew of hers used to get them all the time, and they go away pretty quick. Ms. Clasquin told me it was like a pearl it would hurt for a while and then go away. Then we talked philosophy and writing for 10 minutes. Then Mr. Coffie told me he had one in highschool for weeks, his eye got all puffed up and it hurt… a lot. Well, mines only a little puffed up and only hurts a little, so either I don’t have a really bad one, or it’s not really bad yet…

So yeah.

Maybe ex!-friend1 put a curse on my eye. I can see her now, chanting and candling, oh great goddess, put a sty in Greer’s eye!

Yeah, well, Oh great goddess, put a sty right back in hers!

In other news, I have a new gamefaqs account, thanks to Stormy. Maybe I’ll be better liked on that one. It’s not so pompous as Overlord Mordax.

So, I’m really looking forward to going gohst hunting saturday, oh the anticipation.

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