Ouija boards, used here as a generic for all talking boards, are among the most well known, and the most irrationally feared instruments of necromancy, even in magic in general. School children and experienced mediums alike will often warn the curious off regarding the Ouija with fierce admonitions. It seems that, if reports are true, there are few people in the world that have, if not had themselves know someone who has had, a frightening and terrible experience with the board. Talk of boards letting through evil sprits who haunt the user and refuse to be gone are extremely common, as are tales of boards plunged screaming and howling into flame.

It is not to say that all these tales are false, or that they are exaggerated. Many of the horror stories one hears regarding the board are the plain, honest truth. However, you will note that the tales are much repeated, and not nearly as frequent as one might believe. Many people are able to use the Ouija board successfully, repeated, and without any harm to themselves or others.

So why is there such an abiding paranoia of the object? One rarely hears such off-putting tales in conjunction with other forms of spirit communication.

The truth is that the Ouija board opens a ‘wide channel’ into the spirit world, a strong one at that; and it is almost completely random. It is a channel through which spirits who would not normally be able to make themselves known are able to communicate. It is the equivalent of, in the physical world, opening up a window over Times Square and shouting at the top of one’s lungs “Hey you! Come on upstairs!” and waiting to see who arrives in your apartment.

While this may sound shocking, and not at all something that should be done, if one takes the proper precautions the Ouija can be an enlightening and engaging tool. There are several steps you can take to make sure that the spirit you contact is not the executed serial killer, or if it is, that it can do no harm to you.

As previously mentioned the channel that Ouija opens is almost completely random. In fact the mentality of the spirits you attract is affected by your own mentality and expectations. If you are convinced that the spirit coming through will want to harm you, then you will most likely locate a spirit who does. Before you begin make sure you have your mind clear, and calm, and have no expectations of danger.

Because this is not a fool proof method you will want, as standard practice before using the Ouija, to cast around it a sealing ward of protection. As with demon summoning this will make sure that spirits who do mean you harm will be unable to escape the board.

Like any method of spirit communication, the Ouija, no matter what Parker Brothers has marketed it as, is a tool, not a game, and should always be taken seriously.

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