Whoo. Where to begin…

Well, it’s not that life’s so so different from last I updated…

I’m in full swing obsession mode, the kinda that lasts a year or more, like X-Men Evolution, or The Matrix…Ah, regrets…

But what am I obsessing over? Well, take a look at my current avatar! That’s right, Syndrome, from the Incredibles, has been getting my almost 24 hour attention since I first saw the movie of 11/28. Since then I have seen it three more times, own a Syndrome plushie, have written 17 chapter of the biggest Syndrome fanfic on the net, and done other crazy fan things.

What other kinda crazy fan things? Well…

I met a girl, all dressed in red,
who made a fable claim,
that she could warm and shelter me
and save me from the rain

But anywaway, life’s been crazy. Between fan fiction, and fan art, and other fandom ness, I barely have the time to sleep! No really, I haven’t gotten much of late. Or should I say I haven’t gotten much until late.

Or early? 4 in the morning, anyhow.

I like mint lipgloss.

Mmmm. Minty.

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