Power and Responsibility

Okay, so I’ve been shirking my CCR duties. I know. I wish I wasn’t this fucking popular. That’s not just me being arrogant. I’m used to being able to do whatever the hell I feel like, artistically. I don’t like the feeling of being tied to one fandom, because I cycle so rapidly between them.

No, I’m not abandoning Syndrome, CCR or the Incredibles . I’m just explaining how I feel, and why the chapters are taking so long, ya know?

Other than feeling guilty, and guilty about being not as guilty as I should be, about writing CCR, I had a good day.

I did some artwork, and I went to the mall with Adam. We got like $150 dollars worth of clothing there. Four skirts and four shirts.They’re awesome.

Oh, and I got some perfume oil from the body shop, too.

I haven’t talked to C4bl3fl4m3 much today though, which makes em sad. Hopefully I’ll get to talk to her more later tho.

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