Some more poetry by me


Jealousy breeds a taste for death,
in e’en the trembling hand
though it might hear a long lament
before it takes command.

How long he lingered on the edge
of the laughing, smiling three
He wallowed in his solitude
he liked it, to a degree.

To feel shut out of the merry group
grew the bitterness in his heart
though the three would scarcely realize
that it would tear them all apart

Approached was he by that pretty fiend
who heard to his troubles, all concerned
and gave the boy his “wise” advice
and slowly the boy was turned.

A petty quibble, all it was
spoken in a moment, in haste
and with “friendly ears”, “sympathetic ears”
how could it be erased?

A moment to shatter so many years
to break such hard won trust
and he could only hide alone
and whimper in self-disgust

You could blame the friends or blame the fiend
but darling it all comes to
a moment of darkness in a petty heart
who knew not what to do

And in his shell lives regret alone
and he dwells upon that act
and he’d give so much more than his right hand
if he could take the whole thing back

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