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Okay, so I work at a grocery store and occasionally these crazy old hard core christain ladies will hand me ‘convert or go to hell’ type jesus pamphlets. Its gotten to the point that I just hold my hand up and say, ‘no thanks.

but this time, they tricked me.

I held up my hand to say ‘no thanks’ and then I saw the cover. ‘Worlds Best Optical Illusions’. My eyes lit up with delight. I took it. I was amused and bespelled for a whole five minutes at the old optical tricks, due to my lack of mental stimulation at work.

Then I saw the ‘Important message’ and I began to weep.

Do I honestly look THAT evil? I don’t have any tatoos, let alone satanic ones. I don’t even wear occult jewley that often, and when I do, its just a discreet rune pendant.

So why? Why do they hand me these things?

Do I go around handing out ‘Loki is your lord and Trickster’ pamphelts? No! I respect Christians, I admire the faith and devotion of those who hold it as their personal spiritualism. But please, don’t tell me what god to worship, and I’ll pay you the same courtesy.

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