Here a post, there a post

So, what have I been doing lately? I guess you can probably tell by the new layout that I’m currently besotted with a Casper obsession again. *sigh* I’ve actually managed to get chapter four of Lost or Just Mislaid done (read it here) and am taking a break between finishing it and starting the next chapter to post this.

I read HP6 obviously,a nd hope to gods… well, I’m not going to post any spoilers here, even though most everyone has alreaduy read it. Anyway, my voiciferous opinions have already been stated in a previous entry, so whatever.

I guess it didn’t manage to capture my attention so much, because suddenly I found myself drawing Casper fanart, rather than HP art. See it here, here and here)

I’m in taht sort of manic state lately, halfway between glee and panic, oscillating back and forth. Night before last I slept so heavily I didn’t move at all and woke up in pain. Last night I slept so lightly I kept haf waking up and thinking that my boyfriend had disapeared.

Sometimes I don’t understand how he can like me, with all my faults. Unless maybe he’s as fucked up as I am.

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