Poetry -Ain’t So Sweet-

Ain’t So Sweet

So ya say that I’m the nice one
And I take it with a grin
But I ain’t nobody’s buddy
And I ain’t so clean a’ sin
It’s all a trick with light and smoke
And it ain’t no fault a mine
And when ya see through your own lie
I won’t waste my time cryin’

Cuz, babe, I ain’t so sweet
I’m as foul as they come
And those rosy tinted spectacles
Won’t change nothin’ none

Keep lyin’ to yourself
I’m your best fair-weather friend
You can’t hear me laugh at you
But my ‘nice’ is just pretend
Cuz, babe, I ain’t so sweet
I’m as rotten as they come
But long as your don’t see it
You and I might have some ‘fun’

Hey, babe, ain’t life so sweet
With you holdin’ up each side
And if ya court this devil
then I’ll take ya for a ride
And when you finally see my filthy grin
Well, sweetheart, huh, what then?

Cuz, babe, you know I ain’t so sweet
I’ve seen ya wallow in my sins
And when those rosy tinted shades come off
That’s when the real fun begins

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