This is not one of those times when I’m fun to be around kiddies. No this is one of those times when I can see how gloriously, triumphantly fucked up I am. But not one of those times where I’m happy about it, not even one of those times when I just don’t care.

I’m righteously angry about it. What did I ever do to get so twisted up inside? But I know I can’t change it. Gods know my subconcious has TRIED. *points to her Casper art* That’s where THAT came from.

I had a dream, see, laying out all my faults and fucked up obsessions. And in the dream I told myself, next thing you know you’ll be obsessed with Stinkie from Casper.

And then I woke up, and I guess I missed the entire point of the dream cuz I decided it was a good idea or something.

I’m fucking twitchy right now. Maybe its partly because I was kept up tim 3:30 am by my boyfriend’s video game, but I’ve been twitchy for the past couple of days. Oscillating form anxious, snarky and grenerally unpleasnt, to manically gleeful. It sucks it sucks it sucks.

And now the left speaker of my headphones isn’t working.


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