Of course it’s pouring when i want to go out

Of course its pouring and miserable outside when its my day off and I want to go somewhere. Its only nice when I have work all fucking day.

I wanted to go to the mall and hang out today. I’m tired of just wasting every single day of my life in front of this god damned computer. I like the net, sure, but occasionally I want to go out and do something. Not even necissarily something exciting, but nooooooo….

Even Adam’s bag of tricks (which is in short supply do to it being summer) isn’t so much fun and exciting at this point as it is common place and potentially diasterous. I don’t even care at this point. He can leave his bag of tricks at home, I just want to hang out at the mall, I even have some spending money this week!! But I can tell he dosn’t want to go out, not in weather like this.

And its my fucking stupid brother’s birthday, and I know if I don’t go over to the house for a few minutes at least it’s going to be even worse news from my parents than usual. God, I hate the way they act. I’m sorry, I don’t hate them, but I hate their miserable attitudes and how all my life they’ve expected me to be my brother’s keeper.

You know what I esspecially hate? How they blame all his fucking problems on me, as if nothing they say has any impact. That’s fucked up. Take some responsibility, or admit that you were shitty parents.

…I’m gonna go nuts if I stay cooped up in this room all day.

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