The Strange Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm fanfiction title: The Strange Tales of the Brothers Grimm author: Me main characters: Jake, Will, Cavaldi, Angelika genre: adventure/comedy pairings: none as yet summary: The Brothers Grimm thought they had seen the last of adventures; Angelika thought she’d seen the last of the Brothers, and Cavaldi thought he’d seen the last of just about everything, but a strange letter from Romania signals the start of a new mystery.

Strange Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Title: Strange Tales of the Brothers GrimmCategory: Movies » Brothers GrimAuthor: LejindaryBunnyLanguage: English, Rating: Rated: TGenre: Adventure/HumorPublished: 08-27-05, Updated: 08-27-05Chapters: 1, Words: 1,624 Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Strange Tales of the Brothers Grimm By Lejindarybunny Chapter One: In which Our Heroes make another untoward escape, and Cavaldi holds a conversation with his liquor. When Jacob had taken up the career of writing (as opposed to the hobby) he had assumed that he had also given…

The Brothers Grimm Review (A movie every Fangirl should see!)

It really saddens me to see all the people trashing this movie, even though, I was sitting in the tehatre thinking ‘this movie is going to be so very underapreciated. And I was right. Personally, I enjoyed this movie very much as it had everything I like, witty dialogue, quirky characters, beautiful costumes, rich set design and lovely cinamatography. I thought the pacing was just right, I didn’t look at my watch once durning the…

HP banner for my sig

New sigpic for my account at the Leaky Louunge Yes, I am aware that its ‘racist’ in the harry potter sense, no I don’t want to have a debate with you on the subject. Feel free to use it if you’re so inclined (though I doubt you will be). Credit is nice, but not necessary. Just don’t say YOU made it. 😉


Poison Danger lies before you while safety lies behind Will you drink the offered cup, or fear what you may find Is it bitter poison or is it sweet beneath Will it make you gag and choke and cling against your teeth Sense would call it poison, the proof dead at your feet Can you put it to your lips and claim that it is sweet And is it then worth dying for, this impractical…

Cane: $14, Drooling over yourself in the mirror: Priceless

Everyone knows I love canes. Its creepy realy, and probably rather freaudian. Well, I found one I really reall, really want. Its only $14 but I stillc an’t get it. Sigh. It’s pretty though. cane: While I’m at it $79 Hat: $65 Vest: $9 cravat: $24 pocketwatch: $184 coat: Add dress shirt, and pants, and mmm, boots (where can I find a nice pair of boots?)


So I didn’t get the net shut off. On the other hand, the phone did get turned off. Darn. Oh well, I can deal. In other news, EightofHearts has decided that I am into Jak and Daxter. I really didn’t have any say in the matter. Hence the new layout. All I have to say is evil guys in victorian clothing pwn wiseass guys with unutterable names.


This, apparently, is the new meaning to “Love thy neighbor” True Story. A religion teacher assigned her class an essay on what makes a good Christian. One student wrote about praying nightly, say no to abortion, banning gay marriage, and donating money. The other student wrote about talking to God and allowing people to enjoy their lives, and supporting gay marriage. The day the teacher was to hand the papers back, she called up the…

Deadly Sins

Title: Deadly SinsCategory: Books » Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryAuthor: LejindaryBunnyLanguage: English, Rating: Rated: TGenre: AngstPublished: 08-03-05, Updated: 08-03-05Chapters: 1, Words: 2,825 Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Deadly Sins Mike Teavee had been horribly wounded that fateful day at the chocolate factory, as Willy Wonka had surely known that he would be. Children however, have amazing physical recuperative capacities, which Mr. Wonka had also known, and counted on. What the candy-maker had not counted on, or…

So my hair’s brown again

Those of you who frequent my journal will remember I dyed it ‘weasley red’ back in march. Well, the roots had grown out about three inches, so I finally colored it again. Its darker than my natural color. Kinda chocolate, but not milk chocolate. More like bakers chocolate, or unsweetened chocolate chips.