The Brothers Grimm Review (A movie every Fangirl should see!)

It really saddens me to see all the people trashing this movie, even though, I was sitting in the tehatre thinking ‘this movie is going to be so very underapreciated. And I was right.

Personally, I enjoyed this movie very much as it had everything I like, witty dialogue, quirky characters, beautiful costumes, rich set design and lovely cinamatography. I thought the pacing was just right, I didn’t look at my watch once durning the movie. I laughed (mostly at Cavaldi), I was spooked (mainly by the creepy gingerbread man scene) and I thought ‘what a wonderful movie to write fanfiction for’.

I can understand why a lot of people didn’t like it. It was fantasy, but it wasn’t epic, and it didn’t deal with big, or weighty themes, the wasy Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter did/do. Despite being dark, the movie was a very ‘fluffy’ movie, it aimed to entertain, not to teach, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. I may get hanged for saying this, but the movie reminded me a lot of ‘The Princess Bride’ only a little bit better and fresher.

Yes, the characters were archetypical, but, at least inh my way of thinking, they weren’t stereotypical. Yes you had the brash, good looking theif, the dreamy and fretful scholar, the wild and beautiful amazon, the half-crazed comedy badguy, but they were all well portrayed, and and done without taking themselves troo seriously, but without being directly satirical of themselvges.

I think this movie understood what it was, and didn’t try to be, or pretend tobe anything else. It was a well written, well acted, well directed escapist fantasy, that aimed itself at adolescents and adults who haven’t lost themselves to cynicism and faqiry tales.

This movie was for the Jacob Grimms of the world, and I’m proud to say I loved this movie!

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