and most septembers now, I break down somehow. Remembering Remebering all we said And all those dreams we never got to see. Are you somewhere without a care, or are you alone as I?

I saw Corpse Bride, and it disapointed me. It felt very very abreviated. It looked nice though. Oh well.

I’m not feeling to well at the moment. Maybe its the fact that its raining or maybe I’m just remembering all the people I’ve lost in the past few years, and the people who are threating to disapear right now. Why are we all so busy? Why is everything so hard?

I even feel like I’ve lost someone who was never really there at all. How do you say goodbye to a god? What do you do when he won’t speak to you any more?

What do you do when you think you’re finally going sane?

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