I don’t know what to say. I really don’t. I’m angry, angry.So many tghings I don’t fucking want and here they are right in my lap.

I hate animals. I must have mentioned it at some point. I hate taking care of animals. Why the hell do I have cats? because he wanted them. I spent money to get them and I spend money on them every week, and I don’t enjoy them all they are is a pain in my ass. What a waste.

What a fuckingwaste.

I don’t do a lot. I’ll grant you that. But maybe I’de do more if people took a little notice of what I did do.

I don’t get poissed off eassily, and I forgive way too easily.

But when someone does the same things day after day that piss you off what the hell are you spposed to do?

I don’t want this. I don’t want any of it.

What the hell am I supposed to do. Go back to my parents? that’s a laugh. Tell him to change or I’ll go back to my paents? Even better. Everything he tries he gets wrong.

He stupid. Maybe once upon a time I thought I liked stupid. 15 year old me must be in heaven right now. An ungroomed boy in a dead end job wit hthe social grace of a walrus and the charm of a bored lapdog. Who thinks petty crime is the solution to everything, and whenever I get down on smoking he says caffiene’s just as bad. That pisses me off more than anything. It makes me want to hall off and deck him.

He wastes money and he looses things. All the time. He sets them down and dosn’t pick them up. IN public. Mostly when he’s been smoking.

I bought two books today and handed them to him to hold while I went in blockbuster (he can’t come in blockbuster, don’t ask). I get home and they’re gone. So off course he goes back to look for them right, all the while making out like it was’t his fault. Of corse they aren’t there. And when I say, no it wasn’t your fault, it was the pot, then he fucking gets defensive. And then he goes back over to my parents to bum more pot, becasue it was prearanged earlier. AAAAAAAAAAAAArg.

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