Milo Milovich

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Milo is based on a guy I see at my job all the time. (I don’t know his real name) He is dead sexy and I don’t know if he knows it or not. He’s this older russian guy with expensive sunglasses and a long coat. It took me like a year to get him to say anything at all (maybe he didn’t know english then?) but now we’re pretty friendly. He even smiles, instead of scowling, although he does look vaguely puzzled all the time.

I didn’t even know he was russian until he said ‘hello’ a few months ago and he had that gorgeous chocolate accent. And this one time, I asked him if he’d gotten a haircut and he said. “Noh, wehll, mybe a trhim…” It was so cute. You could tell he didn’t understand why I was looking at him. <3

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