My BEST artwork ever

Please click to full view!

I’m very. VERY proud of this drawing, it’s in my opinion the best one I’ve ever done, and in a few weeks I’m probably going to make a deviant ID of it.

This is Grin, a goblaen Imp from the ‘etheric grimiore’ project I’m working on. S/he was the familiar of the magician Tobias LeVeigh, and the “mother” of his daughter Kelsie, before they were both killed by the King of Hobs. Obviously Grin can take any form she (“she” has no gender but uses the female honorific most of the time) likes after she becomes a Hob, but this is her in her less powerful Goblaen form. She’s actucally rather fond of it, as am I.

Ask me about Etheric Grimoire! Other than that I’ll let the picture stand on its own.

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