Information wants to be free!

I feel that my direct contact with the author of the Third Key was nothing but polite and even praising. If he says otherwise than he has obviously mistaken my meaning, and I urge him to share my email with you. I became only hostile after he ignored my heartfelt plea to be allowed a copy of the work. Not denied, ignored.

I feel that, once a work is written, it is public property. I do not mean that authors should not be paid for their work, far from it. I do however believe that once it is written, an idea is public domain, and should be distributed. I believe this ties in with my belief in the right to write fanfiction in general.

Slowfox claims I had no right to distribute his work. Perhaps not, but in the strictest of legal senses he had no right to write it, as it was copyright infringement. I write fanfiction myself and think copyright infringment is ridiculous, unless you’re trying to make money off of it.

The Third Key was a hugely popular work. His removal of it form all parts of the internet was akin to a famous author, Say, JKR herself, burning every single copy of their work ever written.

The burning of books, the banning of books, the interruption in the flow of information, a heinous and nearly unforgivable crime. Therefore when I was finally presented with a copy of the work I jumped at the chance to distribute it discreetly. A story is there to be read. If the author presents it to the populace than it belongs to the populace. He cannot go back later and reclaim it

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