Self awareness, its better than a characters quiz!!

BEWARE! Vague references to Naruto spoilers ahead!

*bangs her head on the keyboard repeatedly*

Why do I think in patterns and archetypes, why, it’s not fair! Because then then went and ‘killed’ ‘me’ on Naruto. Ugh. Gah! Unpleasantness.

I went and cried for like 40 minutes last night. And Adam was like ‘It’s good to cry’. And I’m like ‘you’re not the one with a face covered in spit and a headache all because a third string naruto character was brought into the spotlight and then mercilessly sarcrificed!!’

(okay that wasn’t a direct quote)

So then I started to draw a picture of me chasing Sasuke around with a baseball bat (I should finish that) and then I’m like, lookin at deviantart, and it’s like, waitaminit, TEH SPOILER!! YAYZ!!

And then I went on a faving spree.

The end


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