Belated XMAS present for my LJ friends

Some free MP3s!!! Okay, all of these are pretty wildly different, there’s some rock, and some folk inspired norse metal, and song technopop, and oldies and stuff from musicals.

If you haven’t heard of it PLEASE download it, because these are my Top recomended songs! Also, they’re all hosted by myself, so if a link stops working, please tell me.

Full Moon- Sonata Arctica

A favor House Atlantic- Coheed and Cambria

Mordred’s lullaby- Heather Dale

Kingsword- Heather Dale

New Born King- Beborn Beton

Heaven on Their Minds- Jesus christ Superstar

Jumper- Third Eye Blind

Hallelujah- Rufus Wainwright

What You feel- Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Musical

In the Sea- The Last Unicorn

Man’s Road- The Last Unicorn

Hey Leonardo- Blessid Union of Souls

Love Potion Number Nine- The Shangri-Las

Losing My Religion- REM

Tainted Love- Soft Cell

Tribute (Greatest Song in the World)- Tenacious D

Unpretty- TLC

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