I had somehow forgotten why I hate being associated with subcultures. Now I’ve remembered, oh, how I have remembered.

Is it the blatant stereotyping of outsiders? Nope.
It’s the constant hypocrisy of those who claim to be open minded.

I think Johnen Vasquez said it best with his Anne Gwish (I’m not going to explain it to you if you don’t know)

It all pot calling kettle. Has no one ever heard of that saying any more? It drives me nuts. People say ‘I’m persecuted because I’m different’ and then turn around and persecute someone else! Typically someone who is only a little bit different than they are! Hell, even I fall into the trap of emo-bashing sometimes, so I’m not immune.

But, things like (I’ll use an analogy) Catholics saying Protestants are going to hell, those bother me. Goths calling ANYONE weird. One fetish community saying another is twisted and wrong. It just Arrrgh!!

I try. I really try. I know how weird I am, and so I try to allow people their own little finicks without judging. Because that would be hypocritical. And that is why when someone just as weird as me starts stomping on someone else’s off-kilter beliefs, well, it burns my biscuits!!!! *insert explicit language here*

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