Musing on Trolls, and other internet amusments

It’s a universal fact in the world that some people are just incredibly unpleasant. Its not like they’re going to change their ways, even, nay, especially if you point them out. That’s why flame wars where one person is calling people fucktards and insulting their mother and the other is coming back with logical, well thought out arguments against this is … just funny. Its like a train wreck, so difficult to look away, even if the shrapnel turns your stomach.

The thing is, I’m not sure who I feel more sorry for. The Troll? The question there is do they believe what they are saying, or are they just being an asshole, patiently and deliberately with stupidity specially crafted for the occasion. If the second is the case then its got to be the Logical Retort you feel sorry for. You’ll just never win kiddo.

This is why the gamefaqs boards, and any occasion of LJ Drama, not to mention various IMDB boards (*cough*Davinci Code*cough*) fill up a little empty space in my soul. Its like the gladiatorial sports of the internet. Instead of unleashing Lions on unsuspecting Christians, we unleash fourteen year old anarchist-atheists. And of course the reverse is true, on sincere atheists, we release gibbering middle aged born again Christians.

Or rather, they release themselves.

Small wonder that some congressman slipped a footnote in a newly passed bill that gives the government authority to arrest people for being ‘annoying’ on the internet. Of course, the law isn’t logistically enforceable, or constitutional, or very well worded, but kudos for trying, man. Methinks you must have suffered from some pre-election flames (methinks you’ll suffer from some more, now).

All in all, I can think of few forms of street theatre I enjoy more than a good piece of internet drama. So, to the trolls and the pampleteers, to the crew of the Harmony as they man their buckets, and to the rest of you crazy folks out there, may you be ever blessed by your deity of choice!

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