For you my friends, my current obsession. (thanks to a drear friend) Wicked, the musical.

Please find enclosed the entire original broadway cast recording. 🙂

Go to the link, scroll down, and select ‘FREE’ scroll down again, wait for the counter to hit zeo, and then download. Viola!

Or you can dl the individual songs No One Mourns The Wicked.mp3 Dear Old Shiz.mp3 The Wizard And I.mp3 What Is This Feeling_.mp3 Something Bad.mp3 Dancing Through Life.mp3 Popular.mp3 I’m Not That Girl.mp3 One Short Day.mp3 A Sentimental Man.mp3 Defying Gravity.mp3 Thank Goodness.mp3 Wonderful.mp3 I’m Not That Girl (Reprise).mp3 As Long As You’re Mine.mp3 No Good Deed.mp3 March Of The Witch Hunters.mp3 For Good.mp3 Finale.mp3

* many, many thanks to wormmonabc who gave me them originally. I liked them so much I had to shre! <3<3<3

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