I had the worst night ever

Adam was out at a friend’s house, and I got home at 7:30 from work thinking I was going to have a nice relaxing evening. I put a soda in the freezer. The computer monitor wouldn’t wo9rk, so I picked up a book I thought I’d like. I hated it and it made me angry. But I din’t have much else to do. Adam called and told me he’d be hjome soon and to put the pizza in the oven. Put the pizza in the oven 25 minutes later, the pizza fell apate in the oven. Still edible. No adam. wait 15 minutes. No adam. decide to eat anyway. Open soda. Soda explodes gets all over me, all over pizza. eat anyway. monitor still isn’t working. still no adam. Try to turn on new favorite cd. cd is missing.adam gets home, monitor still won’t work. switch for crappy old monitor with very very very bad brightness. cry.

the four hours after work were worse than the four hours at work.

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