Ten facts every Oz fan should know

Ten facts every Oz fan should know

1: L Frank Baum wrote a total of 14 books in the Oz series. After his death some 36 others were written by several authors and are considered ‘cannon’ Oz book. Sundry other books have been published about Oz which are NOT considered canon.

2: Baum’s original Oz books are no longer under copyright. Any author may use his characters and situations, for profit, as they please, without fear of legal repercussion

3: The Oz books were NOT written as a political satire or allegory. This interpretation was invented in modern times, and does not mesh with Baum’s known political views.

4: Only one of Baum’s original Oz books fails to feature Dorothy as a character, his second book, The Land of Oz.

5: Baum claimed within his authors notes to receive letters from Dorothy, and other Ozians, on which he based his books. His title was ‘Royal Historians of Oz’.

6: In the original novel, the Wicked Witch of the East’s slippers were silver, and came with a matching belt of invisibility. This was changed for the movie to better show off their Technicolor prowess.

7: No munchkin, or other member of cast or crew ever hanged themselves on the set of the MGM movie. This is merely an urban legend.

8: Glinda was factually the witch of the South. The witch of the north was named, of all things, Tattypoo, and never really shows up in the series.

9: Several other Oz movies have been made, including The Wiz, and Return to Oz, but none have been real financial successes.

10: Baum originally wanted to title his first Oz novel ‘The Emerald City of Oz’ but his editor disagreed, due to superstision about putting the names of jewels in book titles. The Emerald City of Oz is the sixth book in the series, in which Dorothy and her aunt and uncle finally come to live in Oz.

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