Sometimes I think I am the biggest loser on the planet. Other times I think I am the best thing since sliced bread. You fools can’t handle the awesome.

I’ve been having serious self doubt issues lately, stemming from examining myself logically. There’s a balance to be struck and confessions to be made. And now I’m going to look like a total loser and a liar, just because I was fooling myself

Hell with it. Why should I bother telling people who aren’t going to care? (because you’re hungry for attention and you know it) Its nobody’s business but my own. I didn’t ‘lie’ to anyone. If I say nothing, whose going to care? (you already feel guilty. Its eating at you)

Should I do it? Make myself at target? (go on, its hilarious. All this post is about is getting attention. You know what’ll impress me, if you DON’T post this)

Maybe I should just come out and say it right here. (what, that you’re nuts? Sweetheart, they already know that one. Same old tune)

It would take to long to do it, too long to explain why I said one thing instead of another. Too humiliating. (you’re not humiliating yourself right now?) Much as I’m an emotional masochist, I’m too narcissistic to take back my words. (maybe you shouldn’t be so confident with everything you say then) I just had to impress myself with my own leetness and wishful thinking (that’s about the state of affairs)

And now your just being cryptic in order to get attention from all your friends so they’ll ask you what you’re talking about. You phail.

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