Did I really just talk to Emma Watson?

So, this guy on gamefaqs made a post that he had Emma Watson’s (Hermione) AIM name and posted it. I of course, was exteremely skeptical. But maybe, just maybe I talked to Emma watson. (her font was pink) She asked me not to post her sn anywhere and I ageed. <3 Saevitia Snape: Hello? maybe emma’s sn: hey who is this Saevitia Snape: Probably no one you know. I just thought you should know some…

Yes, I am inflicting this one on you

blah blah blah slayers blah blah blah xelloss blah blah blah mary-sue I don’ care. She is pretty. And I :heart: her and don’t care what anyone else says. Xeran is a fairly old character about 6 years now) but I never have drawn her before because I can never make her look right. My skill has aparently increased. yay for me. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE