Did I really just talk to Emma Watson?

So, this guy on gamefaqs made a post that he had Emma Watson’s (Hermione) AIM name and posted it. I of course, was exteremely skeptical. But maybe, just maybe I talked to Emma watson. (her font was pink) She asked me not to post her sn anywhere and I ageed. <3

Saevitia Snape: Hello?
maybe emma’s sn: hey who is this
Saevitia Snape: Probably no one you know. I just thought you should know some jerk is on this forum I go to, claiming that your are Emma Watson, and giving out this sn
Saevitia Snape: I just thought I'd warn you. (are you emma watcon? XD )
maybe emma’s sn: uh
maybe emma’s sn: how did he get my scren name?
Saevitia Snape: He didn't say… Are you REALLY emma watson???
maybe emma’s sn: would you tell people
Saevitia Snape: No way!
maybe emma’s sn: i dont want millions of people knowing
maybe emma’s sn: although a bunch of random people just imd me
Saevitia Snape: Tell them you're not! 😛
Saevitia Snape: Most of them are 16 year old guys
maybe emma’s sn: thats fine i like guys lol
Saevitia Snape: well, they'e internet trolls, but of course, use your own judgement.
Saevitia Snape: *is in awe*

Auto response from maybe emma’s sn: oh shit

maybe emma’s sn returned at 8:01:43 PM.
maybe emma’s sn: this is not good
Saevitia Snape: No, it probably isn't.
Saevitia Snape: *wonders how he got your sn* *wonders again, is this REALLY emma watson*
Saevitia Snape: You could go into invisible mose.
maybe emma’s sn: how do i do that
Saevitia Snape: open your buddy list. see the eye in the upper left corner?
Saevitia Snape: Click that, and it will close, then no one will be able to see you online, but you will staill be able to talk with your buddies
maybe emma’s sn: how old are you
maybe emma’s sn: sorry if thats like offensive but theres a lot of creeps in tehw orld
Saevitia Snape: 20, and female
Saevitia Snape: and no, its not offensive! <3
maybe emma’s sn: thast cool
Saevitia Snape: lemme guess, all those losers were propositioning you to cyber?
maybe emma’s sn: haha a couple
Saevitia Snape: I wouldn't worry too much, most people on the forum think the guy who posted it is lying, so it should be pretty much forgotten in a few days
Saevitia Snape: Can i ask you a stupid fangirly question?
maybe emma’s sn: sure
Saevitia Snape: do your personally have any favorite HP ships, or read any fanfiction?
maybe emma’s sn: cant say I have but im sure its really interesting!
maybe emma’s sn: provbably lots of good ones out there
Saevitia Snape: well, there are a lot of good ones, but there are more bad ones sadly. T.T
Saevitia Snape: You can probably tell from my screen namemy favorite character. lol
maybe emma’s sn: yea lol
Saevitia Snape: Well, I will let you alone now, but next time you see them, please tell Dan, Rupert, Alan Rickman et al that a fangirl named saevitia wishes them well! 😛
Saevitia Snape: (and you too of course)
maybe emma’s sn: ill tell them hah

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