reposted (with permission) from kinjouten’s lj

–Taking your spiritual beliefs with a certain amount of seriousness doesn’t preclude your having a “sense of humor” regarding them, or regarding anything else.

–Having a “sense of humor” about your spiritual beliefs does not make you inherently superior in any way.

–Having a “sense of humor” about your spiritual beliefs does not include deriding the way others practice simply because it’s not yours.

–Those who are inherently meanspirited toward those who don’t follow their way of thinking often attempt to pass it off as “having a sense of humor”.

–Dully uncreative meanspiritedness and grade school level ad hominem attacks do not constitute a “sense of humor”.

–If race should determine religion, regardless of whether or not the religion originally belonged to some Alien Slanty Eyed Yellow people, or Quaint Mysterious Brown people, then there isn’t a single person outside of the Middle East who should give a rat’s ass about anything regarding Xtianity.

–The assertion that you cannot possibly understand a spiritual path because you are or are not a Alien Slanty Eye, White Cracker, or Quaint Mysterious Brown person is a fantastically retarded, ignorant, xenophobic, and utterly racist statement no matter whose lips it falls from. It should be on par with Godwin’s Law insofar as “how to instantly lose any arguement” regarding this subject.

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