close encounters of the WTF kind

Okay… so I woke up this morning to a really weird noise. You know that noise a CD player makes when it can’t read the disc, and it sounds like its tearing the disc to pieces inside of it? Kinda a ‘scritch scritch squeak’ noise, but more mechanical sounding?

So, I woke up to that, and figured one of the cats must have turned the CD player on, since my kitty Fred was sitting right next to it staring at it. (My CD is on the floor on a pile of all my other junk) So I heave myself up, go over and flip the switch off.

But the noise doesn’t stop.

And then I look at the wall, and discover the CD player isn’t even plugged in.

The next thing I do is pick up the CD player and listen to it. The sound isn’t coming from the CD player, at least not now. Its coming from right where the CD player was. So I look at the crap sitting on the floor, where the noise is still coming from. I think ‘maybe its some kinda dying mouse, or a really big bug’. I start clearing the stuff away, leaning in close enough to see, but not close enough (I hope) to get bitten by any mice or bugs).

And as I move the last piece of junk off that area of the floor, so I can actually see floor. The noise just… stopped, all at once.

So I stare at the place on the floor. It wasn’t warm or anything. Shuffle some more of the junk around, no bugs or mice that I could see. (And it was a really mechanical sounding noise).

So I’m a bit WTF, guesss I’m not going back to sleep.


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