What do I really know about myself?

Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching and supposition about my identity, but maybe not admitting some things to myself. I am compiling a list of who I really am and what I really am like, without lables or assumptions, just the what I know and feel about myself. Some things are difficult to admit, but I think admitting them will help me move forward with who I am and who I want to be.

This will probably be added to later.

I have mood swings, sometimes quickly, sometimes sticking for days at a time.
I seek attention and recognition
I like to let people know how intelligent I am, and enjoy seeming intellectual
I hate my body, but pretend I am proud of it
I am unsure and timid about my sexuality, and sexuality in general
I have strong feelings and empathy for fictional characters
I believe that struggle between good and evil is important in the world
I enjoy chaos and like making a scene but am afraid of repercussion from authority
I act very loud and in charge when I am comfortable with a situation
I sometimes wish people would make my choices for me
I try to care for and advise young people who I think have similar problems to me
I love accumulating and hording money, but sometimes splurge wastefully
I love to have the ‘right’ answer
I want to be respected for who I am
I am uncomfortable wearing women’s clothes.
I try to be very punctual and precise
I am very lazy, except when I am manically dedicated to a project
I have trouble making commitments
I am uncomfortable with my social position
I like to have a lot of friends and do many social activities
I am a little bit paranoid
I tend to think that really bad things only happen to others
I have fears of winding up in poverty
I get along well with children 10 and up, but think younger kids are creepy
I am considered very mature by acquaintances
I consider myself immature
I consider myself am immoral person
I have a near debilitating fear of death and accident
I love collecting things that have symbolic meaning to me
I like to be the center of attention, good or bad
I am easily embarrassed and become timid when rebuked by authority figures
I have a very hierarchical view of society

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