X Men 3 Review

X-Men: The Last Stand review.

Okay, so I just got back from the midnight showing of the new X Men movie. I was damned excited. It let me down. More than that, it kinda crushed me. It was a good movie… if you completely remove it from the mythos and values of X Men.

MAJOR SPOILERS- scroll to read

They kill Xavier. Magento loses his powers. Rogue goes deliberately through with having her powers taken away. Oh, and they owe Joss Whedon some royalty fees for using Evil Willow instead of the real Dark Phoenix.

If you want a decent action flick, sure, go see it. But If you love X Men do NOT give this movie your money. If you must see it, download it.

I may do a longer review tomrrow, when I’m feeling more refreshed and less bitter.

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