So there’s this castle wherein people use green pitchforks. One stormy evening, they are suddenly attacked by a mob of outraged people with green pitchforks.

There are stupid people everywhere, and you know what.? They don’t even need an excuse. Its so easy to make one up.

And you know what else? Its damn cold, and two days ago I was practically burning up.

And you know what else? Labels are damned stupid.

Furthermore, I am definitely not any kind of ‘otherkin’ or ‘otakin’. You know why? Because nobody is. Even if the phenomena is real, the label is bloody stupid and I’d like to give a good whacking to whoever popularized it! Kin my ass.

You know what I am? I’m a writer. And a slacker, and bi-polar, and a paranormal enthusiast, and a mazoku, and a ninja crow, and at one point I was the goddamn bloody digimon emperor, bitches. I’ll admit I’ve met a couple of people who believed that they were one or more of the same. Kin? Maybe. But not to dragons or elves, that’s for damn sure.

Bitch bitch bitch, whine whine whine. Yeah well it’s my journal and I can use it however I want. If that means ranting, or poetry, or pictures, that’s my prerogative. So deal.

I don’t care who believes me or not, especially if their my friends. If you’re my friend and you think thinking I’m a mazoku is batshit friggin insane, then ignore it, because it probably ain’t gonna come up anywhere outside of livejournal. Unless I miraculously teleport away one day, which at this point I highly doubt.

As for anyone who sees me as some kinda permanent insult, or a retard, or whatever. Bring it the fuck on.

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