So I haven’t written any journal entries lately. Poor you, you must be distraught with out my company.

Well, the truth is I haven’t been doing anything really productive or interesting. Um, lets see, I bought the first season of Batman the Animated Series, and also the (very small) entirety of the aniem AD Police (I reccmmend it)

Also, I rented the game Bully. Here is my summarry of Bully. You play as James Potter during his Hogwarts years, except there’s no magic. And Sirius is Named Gary. James and Peter are still James and Peter though. I haven’t met Remus yet. NO, I’m not joking. This game is awsome.

I have also been sewing. What have I been sewing? Tails. Ladidah, watch me slowly float away in a river of MADNESS! I made a blue tiger tail for Adam, and I made a purple raccoon tail for me. Click here if you want to see a picture of my finely handcrafted tail.

Also, I think I slolved the mystery of House of Leaves. I’m not telling though.

It is raining.

I like cheese.

Have you noticed I’m in one of those moods?

Crush them, Chimeramon!


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