Statement of my Personal Beliefs

I believe in a literally infinite multiverse.

I believe that the myths and fictions of humanity are windows into universes otherwise unknown to us.

I believe in the concept of a ‘soul’, that part of a person which makes them who they are; the immortal spirit or essence.

I believe that the soul is a very real, physical thing; some energy or particle yet unknown to our science.

I believe that the soul, when free of bodily hindrance is able to pass between universes and be born into or take hold of another living form.

I believe that there are some souls incarnated in this universe, on this earth, that once lived in vastly different worlds.

I believe that some lives make an indelible mark on the soul, so profound that it may touch and be remembered in another life, across another universe.

I believe that beneath my flesh is a powerful soul from another universe, whose memories are marked by profound experience and that my existence carries on beyond death, beyond appearance, and beyond limitations.

I believe that I have lived before and in the right time I will live again in a universe alien to this one.

These are my true beliefs of which no word nor action can rob me.

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