I think I have the plague…

Loki’s beard have I been sick for the last few days. I haven’t barely bee out of my bed since friday afternoon, and I haven’t eaten any solids since I threw up on saturday. Euuuugh! All over the stairs, trying to get to the bathroom. Adam was a dear though and cleaned it up. Gods I hate puking.

It seems like the waste of a perfectly good weekend,m although at least I had most of it off, and only had to call in one day. Much as I’ve been in bed I certainly haven’t been sleeping well. Having weird semi-lucid dreams.Don’t let anyone tell you lucid dreaming is cool, at least, not when you’re sick.

I’m a lot better now thank goodness. Just a seriously wicked headache and some congestion. Not to mention Fatigue. You don’t even want to know the gross shit I have been hocking up.

I don’t have a dvd player in my room, by I do have a vcr, so I ended up watchinga bunch of VHS movies I haven’t seen in ages. The last few eps of Slayers Next, Star Wars (an UnLucased version from 1984 thanks to my Grandpa’s movie collection. Rest in Peace Grandpa Jim.) Also saw The Matrix Reloaded and Independance day. That movie makes me cry all over the place. *teich* Still one of my favorites though.

Well, so, yeah, cough* *hack*

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