Guess what inspired this poem

By Overlord Mordax

Atop the peak below the sun,
Those peaceful hills then o’er run
With races poised to launch attack
‘gainst foe forces, white and black
Now gleaming gold against the sky
Arcs with grace as quick they fly
‘Justice!’ they cry, ‘we fight for life!’
though their campaign with casualties rife.
Their wings bear soldiers battle toward
To fight with no weapon, spell, nor sword
But bone of claw, and wind of breath
To reeve their enemies made not of flesh.
Though on that hill no dragon’s might
Could know they’d not live through that fight
For on that ride with feline smile,
A demon stood with dark and guile
who raised his finger ‘gainst the horde
and speaking not a single word
destruction wrought upon the crowd
gold soon reduced to ashen cloud
No glittering army could withstand
That pale smirk and wave of hand
That day they mourned their fallen kin
And learned to fear that subtle grin.

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