Since no one who answers to the title Mordax seems to care about updating this journal any more, I thought perhaps I’d try my hand at it.

You can call me Cartographer. I’m sure we’ll me good friends.

I enjoy long walks on the beach as well as bending known physics, consulting with familiar spirits, and baking. In the sense of cookies.

I have occasionally be accused of eating babies, but that’s meaningless blather. Too much fat on them.

The internet, I think is a wonderful thing, so shiny and new, and full of such, hmm, delightful people.

People like me.

I’ve often wondered what makes humanity tick. A man has a soul, and a brain, ostensibly, and an agenda. But what does a species have? What do men have?

I have an idea.

I have a thousand ideas. each one better than the next.

I;ve been drinking, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been wandering.

And I’ve settled here.

And I’m watching.


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