monsterously long

I have the weirdest vision problems right after I wake up in the morning. Even after I put my glasses on its all blurry and wobbly, like i’ve got a layer of snot over my eyes. ew.

I had a horror movie dream last night. I’m not sure exactly what was going on, but I was this young guy, whos mother had dad and my dad was an alcoholic and we had moved away from my childhood home because there were ghosts there or something. And I came back and there were these guys there that told me to find some kind of key. And I wnet around gethering keys

and then I think it switched to this slayers dream, where I was waching a slayers episode, I think, and I was getting really mad because Martina was all in love with Xelloss again, except I think he was reciprocating? And then we were running away from some cave.

And I had this incredibly huge slayers wallscroll that I had to flatten out and lok at in order to learn some kind of magic spell. and there was this old man there, so I’m trying to flatten it out on the side of a mountain.

And the suddenly its a blanket, and I’m in my room, trying to put it on my bed, but it keeps smothering me.

And then it switched back to the horror dream, and I was flying a helicopter into my dad’s new house. And I got out to talk to him, but he told me to piss off. i went to take his car, and for some reason the helicopter flew into the house and exploded and he died.

And then I was with this guy who was aparently my best friend, and we were outside of my old house. and I found out if we both charged ouselves with a load of static electricity we polarized one another and acted as some kind of ghost magnet or something. And then my friend (who I think ws David) started talking about something to do with kingdom hearts.

And then this goth chick we knew pulled up in an SUV and we got in and I woke up.

Oh, and today is my dad’s birthday, so happy b-day to him.

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