Well, haven’t updated in a while, haven’t had much to say, I guess.

I saw a great movie a few days ago ‘Elvis has left the Building’. Its about a woman who met Elvis as a child, and now, as a young woman and cosmetic saleslady, everywhere she goes she meets Elvis impersonators, and they die. Its a romantic comedy. Watch it.

In other news, I’ve been rewatching Slayers Next. Because I am a dork am compiling a lst of ‘The Deeds of Juujinkan Xelloss’. Yeah.

I paid off my huuuuuuge library fine. finally, and I got out a book called ‘The Devil: A biography’. Its nonfiction, and also, kickass. Also git something called ‘The Midnighters’ which appears to be about magical-occult superpowered teenagers fighting demons. Good times.

I’m replaying Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. well, technically its the ‘Subsistence’ version, but whatever. It actually has an amazing plotline, and good gameplay too. Actually, it has about the same amout of movie as it has playtime. ^_^; but it’s great.

Um… haven’t really drawn anything lately.

AND the chick who I did a fucking commsion still hasn’t paid me. Its been like, over two weeks. Gettin’ pissed here.

Annnnnd Rin never calls, she never writes. *sniffle*

Good news though, in the past few days I’ve gotten not one but 2 positive correspondences regarding my otakukin website. And only one of those 2 emails was from a 14 year old Goku-soulbonder.

Sorry, sometimes I can’t even take myself seriously.

I read about half a crappy political thriller called ‘The Zero game’ then returned it. It totally sucked.

Oh! But Adam did sow me ‘The Number 23’ finally and I eally liked it. Very Silent Hill. very House of Leaves.

I want to play SH4 again. That means I need to buy a copy. Crap.

I’ll leave you with this awsome site I found.

www.fstdt.com – Fundies Say the darnedest Things, a collection of hysterical, and sometimes truely frightening quotes by Christian fundamentalists.


EDIT: Also, I changed my comment settings back to ‘everyone’ can comment for now. I’m also planning to go through and tag my past entries. Who knows who far I’ll actually get on that,

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