So, Cableflame wants a post out of this journal. Its always a cool idea to oblidge a friend, and well, whatever.

But see, this is the thing, I’ve been having a rough time lately in the psychospiritual department, so if neo-religion and such is not your bag, then just don’t read it okay?

What first to touch on?

I’ve been trying to re-watch the second half of digimon 02 lately, but every time I sit down to do it, I get upset, or pissed off, and go do something else.

I’ve been feeling a strong resurgence of my connection to the mazoku, even though Xelloss isn’t around, and hasn’t been for a while. I’m starting work on something called The Book of Seven Lords, which is going to be a treatise on The Lord of Nightmares, Shaburangdio-sama and the five mazoku lords, as well as a history of that world from creatition through just before the time of Lina Inverse.

I’ve taken a new name. Razakel. Its the name of a wicked magician who was aprenticed by a demon, and then turned into a demon himself. Since I can’t remember my original name, I think this one serves as well as any other. And David dosn’t like it, which I’d say is a point in its favor.

Other than that, I spent the last 2 days making myself a black hooded cloak for the harry potter premier. It looks good. Maybe I’ll have pictures.

I’ve gotten an internship at Writers and Books. Its not hard, it gets me out of the house, and its stopped my parents yelling at me to ‘get a job’. Actually, one of the other interns and I went out for coffee today. I started talking to her becuase she was wearing a slytherin shirt, but it turns out she’s more of an anime fan than a HP fan. And shonen-ai, too. Score! XD

I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I kept thinking about the afterlife. I came to the conclusion that if there is no afterlife, no soul, that our purpose, and therefore our entire existance can be boiled down to the imperitive to procreate. I hate that idea.

Mom and dad and grandma are having a loud discussion upstairs. Its distracting. Did I mention my grandma (paternal) just moved in with us? Probly not.

Also, i saw POTC3, the night it opened. Woo. It was pretty cool. I really liked it. It was better than the second one. The ending was really surprising. At first all the action and the doublecrossing was hard to follow, but once I got into the flow of it it was very enjoyable. Still, I don’t think the story of the trilogy is as good as the first film as a stand alone story.

Speaking of stand alone stories, I wrote some new poetry and a short story the other day. I’d post it all, but I don’t have it handy. Here’s my best poem. I wrote another one, but I can’t call it up from memory

Aw, forget it. I’m not taking the time to type the damn thing up. I’ll post it when i have it handy.

The satalite tv is out. Fuck. I wanted to watch Ghost Hunters tonight. *grumbles*

-Postmodern text manipulation brought to you by David,raza and Todd

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