Man of Truth
By Mordax

Precious is the man who knows the truth
And holds the fire to change the earth
Who suffers the burns and the burdens of man
And vows to fight for as long as he can.
He holds his ground though it shifts like sand
And speaks what he knows though few understand
And he suffers the hate and the scorning jeer
Of the masses who simply refuse to hear.
Shielded only by his few close friends
And spurred by his mission which never ends
He rarely bows and he never breaks
He will weather the storm whatever it takes.
And he’ll speak his message ’til understanding awakes
In the minds of men who are accustomed to sleep
Accustomed to being led and fleeced like sheep.
They will open their eyes and finally see
The truth that will save them and set them free.
He will break through their fear and doubt and hate
For such is his mission, wyrd and fate.
And he will stand before them; hope unfurled
The man with the truth that will free the world.

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